Dear Future,

Dear Future,
Where are you?  I’m so tired of waiting for you to show up. I try to keep myself busy, going to College and working full time, but none of it really satisfies me. you are right in front of me; I’m almost 28 and have yet to move out or pursue anything other than finish my master and work. I have the same friends that I’ve had, yet I feel like you are centuries away; you taunt me with dreams that you have not given me the opportunity to fulfill.
I’m ready to travel, to deprived places that need me. I know that God provides all things and that he will someday lead me to you, and it will be completely worth the wait, but sometimes it’s so hard to be patient.

You know where to find me, future.
I’ll be here waiting. As always.






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Vaya Con Dios, Nah neh nah

Nah ne ne naaahh neh na na naaaaa!!!!! Its soooooooo cool!!!


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After this break

Hope you all had great time, and doing well. I am very happy start to another semester and pass in my 1st MBA semesterat Ohio university powered by Mutah university ! I realize I have not written for a long time but then I was on a break! I had something else in mind for but there were some delays and hopefully I can get it together for the next one. So what have I been up to in the past month?

After my first semester finals, I decided to relax. And that’s what I did. It was good to be at home and work, agendas! that’s mean I didn’t relaxed but I’m happy because I succeeds and looking forward for the next semester, I was supposed to travel and realized that I just wanted to be at home more than anything else and spend some quality time. The break was a break in its true sense… I caught up with old friends, went out for dinners, detoxed by eating healthy 😉 and went to play basketball with friends. That was super creative.

The holidays are almost over, like all good things that have to come to an end, but one thought stuck in my mind. It’s fascinating how quickly one can get habituated to doing or not doing something. It was so easy getting used to sleeping in late, laying around and not think about studies. But I am working hard and I should achieve lot of things before the holiday finish and back to have no time again . Some things are really important even during a break!

Reflecting back on my first semester, it was definitely a roller coaster ride. If I start preparing a list of all the things I did for the first time, the list would be almost never ending! But it has been the most challenging yet exciting, tiring yet educative and busy yet enjoyable personal/professional experience so far.

First day of master program at university  (feels like I am in 5th grade again) and it was good to see new friends. Now it feels familiar. I know people.  I have great friends. I am focused and the direction I am headed into has become even clearer. I can make sense of it all. Well, almost. One can’t get rid of the questions that keep popping up out of nowhere. But all in all, it feels good. Actually, out of (hopefully) many more to come. It went fine, I think. I can feel it in the air at university where everyone (apart from those who already have an offer for internship) is focused on working hard and using all their time and resources for doing the best to be hired by their preferred company. It has been fruitful for some, while others are waiting. But there is a lot of time still. In the end, everything has to be fine. If it’s not fine, it’s definitely not the end.

At this point there are many things I could be writing about, my work is doing well and am doing great and lot of success, my preparations, and my experiences, but I think I will keep those for a later date. Right now, I need to get back to prepare my self for the 2nd semester (this semester I have courses that need a lot of reading), assignments and interview preparations. That will be the story of my life for a few months at the least. Talk to you all later!!

wish me luck my dear friends 🙂

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My 2012 was ……………… live to see 2013

There you go, I said it. I can’t recall having experienced such a straightforward bad year in my life. Not over the last decade anyway. So what happened with me during last year? I will keep it for my self and share some. just I’ve been an idiot and worked like a monkey on projects, I’ve started studying Mater in E Business, Every day I ended up myself into the ground and asked WHY??? Why all of these happened to me. I have over achieved my target at work and was good, I hit my self every day to fall in a deep sleep. I fallen down many times and I recovered my self again and started my days drawing a fake smile on face. I found on my ways many dead ends then I back looking for another ways.

Good things also happened in 2012, I still have a good friends and special persons enter my life and draw a real smile on my face. I found my self, and my mind is still cracking with ideas and I have still desire to live and happiness, I haven’t reached all my objective for 2012, but I am still widely successful and I will live to see 2013. Now that I’ll spend time in a my work an I expect it to grow more, continues my MASTER and I expect my self to success.
Dear my years, You know what they say. You can’t keep a good woman down. I see nothing left for 2013, except going forward and make a stronger foundation for what 2012 has swept away. You live, you learn, you try not to trip over the same obstacles twice. I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs in 2012, because I enjoyed every minute I spent behind the keyboard talking to you. The world hasn’t ended yet and neither did I.
dear 2013 wait for me.



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