Dear Stranger,

I have always thought that I would be one. A Runaway Bride. Sometimes I dream about this. Dreams, not nightmares. Dreams.

Yes. I’m up at 4.17am thinking about some of life’s biggest decisions and perfecting my plans, future, career, Marriage, death, funerals, births, anniversaries, etc. Yes. 4.17am . It’s not that I don’t want to sleep. Or that any of these events in life is especially important that I want to lose sleep thinking and planning. I can’t sleep. Sleep hates me. I’m insomniac and proud. Not that I have a choice anyway. So, I might as well do something profitable.

Anyway, we recently connected and start the story, then (thanks to Facebook, of course) and we start conversation, I realized we were both in the same country, gym, bussiness and hoppies and albeit different mental but have a lot of common. Being the kind of friends I like his way, we chatted a lot and after sending messages back and after one day of conversation and getting updated with each other’s lives, I feel terrible Coz I don’t know why I Missed him then We have decided to call each other to start our real friendshis…

From my initial chat with this stranger I can not easily tell who is going to run the relationship, how long it would last and even who would call it off even before I agree to date this stranger, It is very hard to tell. I Call it perceptive, paranoid or even controlling, I don’t care. I just call it “facing reality”.

I am expecting him that person that puts me out of my comfort zone and i will tell him about my 3alam el karamish looool, and challenges how “the normal” is for me. I have gotten to that zone :), which is good. it’s my loklok loklok 🙂

again Dear Stranger,

Every once in a while I think about you. How you live somewhere around me or far away from me or near me and how I didn’t know you before , I am not the type of girl boys fall in love with, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, at least that is my understanding. But what if we are not strangers?! What if we knew each other long ago in a past life? You could be my sister, brother, friend, enemy or lover. Maybe we will meet one day and not even realize it… or perhaps we see one another every day and never realize it. you are just a stranger to me. but yesterday, I’ve been seeing you in my dreams. هI don’t know how you’re doing or where you are right now or if you really even exist? But I know in my dreams I was insanely head over heels in like with you and miss you. Wide awake I can clearly picture your face, the colour of your skin, your smile, your eyes but I don’t know your smell, your touch. Maybe,Can I tell you everything, If I could find the words, would you listen? Then maybe you could see the real me.. I don’t even know how. Words, actions, expressions, attitudes. it’s been forever since it’s been real. Maybe with you, I can have a fresh start. We can try and understand each other.There is something in you that made me like you.



About srous85

I enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars. I am a nice girl, pretty transparent, I grow with every minute,working hard to get my bread and butter without any help from any one, I am not a romantic girl, I am busy . I breathe, I enjoy, I hurt. Just like you. I am!!!
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