Dear Stranger,

I’m confused. How exactly is love supposed to feel like? Cos sometimes you find someone and think that’s “The One” and then something happens. It gets tiring sometimes feeling like all you do is hurt other people’s feelings. No one was born a heart breaker. Well some people enjoy the thrill….. But as you grow older, surely it’s not something you want people to remember you by. Or is it?

Every time I hear stories about new love, I count down the honeymoon days. That’s when everything is rosy and the couple keep talking about “never hurting” each other. Seriously! Never hurting?! Can you even comprehend the meaning of the word “never”? Can you keep your word about “NEVER” hurting a person? This is a mistake one too many people make. You think you can stay doe-eyed for as long as you are dating a person to “never” hurt him/her? Why do break-ups happen then? Why don’t we all stay with the very first person we hook up with? Why do heartbreaks and hatred and jealousy spring up?

Things don’t ever stay rosy. Something can’t be good ALL the time. Life sets in. Life happens. There are always highs and lows in any kind of relationship. Albeit with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. So why will you think that a romantic relationship will be any different? Love is THAT blinding? Oh it’s like that? I guess some of us haven’t fallen in love then. I mean, the extent to which this one emotion “LOVE” makes people go. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one scenario I never thought I would hear about happening in Ghana (VERY nave, I know!)

How does a girl go from dating a dude to threatening suicide if he goes through with breaking up with her. And then ACTUALLY attempting suicide when he called her bluff? :s I’m honestly VERY confused. And this is a dude who wasn’t even your first. Like really. How exactly does this make sense? A high school graduate in the university, decides to throw her life away and all her family’s toils…… How in heaven’s name do this make any sense? A person is worth you throwing your life away? You think he’ll let his life stop because you dead? No way!

People really need to re-evaluate their use of the words “love” and “never”. I have no idea where I was going with this letter…..and with my thoughts. But as usual,




About srous85

I enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars. I am a nice girl, pretty transparent, I grow with every minute,working hard to get my bread and butter without any help from any one, I am not a romantic girl, I am busy . I breathe, I enjoy, I hurt. Just like you. I am!!!
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