I hate my birthday!

I hate my birthday a lot for the past 5 or 4 years my birthday has had me hating the day I was born. 2 years in a row my family has forgotten my birthday oh what makes it better one year they waited two weeks to realize they missed it. I didn’t get a sorry or anything they just said oh why didn’t you say anything. WHY THE HELL SHOULD I SAY ANYTHING. YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT WHEN THE FUCK I WAS BORN. YOU COULDN’T EVEN PUT A FUCKING REMINDER ON YOUR PHONE OR ON A CALENDER SO YOU CAN WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And it’s not even the presents. I don’t want anything on my birthday. I just want to spend time with people who are suppose to love me. Oh and my friends only give a shit about themselves. When it’s their birthday they expect me to bend over fucking backwards so they can be happy on their day but when it comes to me I never get anything I want. all they do is bitch about where I want to go or they say lets do something else and we never can do what I want.On one of my birthday’s they did it without me because I refused to go to something that I had no interest in and was left alone on my birthday like many other times. My birthday is on Wednesday and you know what I hope everyone forgets again because I’ve been crying the whole weekend from everyone’s bull shit about how they are going to make me have a great birthday but they turn around and act like ass holes to me. SO what ever fuck my birthday and everything that comes along with it. I wasn’t even planing on celebrating it but no people say things will be different. Yeah it just gets worst through out the years.

Best Regards,



About srous85

I enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars. I am a nice girl, pretty transparent, I grow with every minute,working hard to get my bread and butter without any help from any one, I am not a romantic girl, I am busy . I breathe, I enjoy, I hurt. Just like you. I am!!!
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