I caught the boquet… :) Catching the bouquet at a Wedding, is it myth or fact?

when I catch the bouquet last night at my friend nanoos wedding everyone starts saying to me ” congratulations you r next” and that got me dreaming about it and wondering is it like handing over the boton to next in line during a marathon race or its purely a goodluck charm? where all the single ladies waiting to catch the bouquet i was a compititor with all single ladies.. 🙂

I want to get engaged and married soon however I am wondering if my success rate is beginning to upset people, As though in slow motion i was thinking to go back to my seat,but in a second before i back to my seat the flowers hit the air, eyes blinded by the light, and even before I think I knew what was really happening I was a streak of yellow shooting through the air, and flowers in my hands…. what a wonderfull feelings.

the biggest question i am asking my self : am I the next bride ???





About srous85

I enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars. I am a nice girl, pretty transparent, I grow with every minute,working hard to get my bread and butter without any help from any one, I am not a romantic girl, I am busy . I breathe, I enjoy, I hurt. Just like you. I am!!!
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