What about the female comics? Women with sense of humor !!!

I  wanna talk about my self…

I’m referring to funny as in ha-ha, not funny as in odd.

Now, we’ve all read how women like men who are intelligent “akeed feesh meno” , warm ” Asga3 men wejho ma fi”, sensitive ” Mosta7eel” and funny ” galab 3la zana5a” .

We say we want a man with a sense of humor. I know that I like a man who can make me laugh.  I know what you’re thinking: any man who dates Ms. X has gotta have a sense of humor.

How would you feel if someone you were dating asked you “Do you like talking on the phone with me?”

You reply, “Oh …NO! That’s why I call you all the time and speak with you for hours on end. It’s pure torture.”

Then he says, “I’m sorry. I had no idea. You don’t have to call me so much if you don’t want to.”

That relationship didn’t work out.

Anyway, I poured myself a cup of coffee and started to ponder. Women like men with a sense of humor but do men like women with a sense of humor?  I’m not a big follower of celebrity news but it seems to me that the male comics have groupies and fans. It seems like Funny Men are Sexy Men.

What about the female comics? Do female comics have male fans and groupies? Are funny females sexy?

Do funny females get the guy?

I do think men like women with a sense of humor. But do you want her to laugh at your jokes or do you want to be laughing at hers? What happens if she’s funnier than you?

So guys: you tell me.

How important is having a sense of humor in your girlfriend/wife/main squeeze to you?   Are funny women sexy?

Is your girlfriend/wife/main squeeze funnier than you?



About srous85

I enjoy the sun, the moon and the stars. I am a nice girl, pretty transparent, I grow with every minute,working hard to get my bread and butter without any help from any one, I am not a romantic girl, I am busy . I breathe, I enjoy, I hurt. Just like you. I am!!!
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